GreyList Filtering

I know people have been bugging me for a while to try and cleanup spam on NERP. I'm still re-building the backup MX server, which did some work catching and greylist filtering a bunch of the junk. I finally found some time and enabled greylist[0] filtering. This slows down mail delivery slightly as the filter learns which host triplets are capable of properly queuing. So far it seems to be working. Please let me know if there are problems, or if you would like whitelist entries added.


SpamAssassin Updated

I backported the latest SpamAssasin (3.4) from Ubuntu 14.04. Hopefully the new version does a better job at catching the junk.

Server Move

I'm in the process of moving NERP to a new VPS server setup. Just about everything will stay the same for login and mail, but website hosting is moving to a separate VM from the shell host. If you have a website hosted, don't be alarmed, you will be able to login to the new host "" soon.

Spam filtering update

So it turns out when I did some updates to the mail config months ago I somehow removed one of the key spam filtering rules from the server. This has caused a lot more spam than usual hitting people's inboxes and caught spam folders. Thankfully spamassasin was still working to keep most of it out of the inbox. I've re-worked the spam settings and things are looking more "normal" in the logs.

Broken mail delivery

For a couple hours today mail delivery on nerp skipped everyone's procmail filter rules. This allowed custom rules and spam to be sent to the inbox. No mail was lost, but you might have gotten junkmail. There is no need to change anything, the issue has been fixed and filtering is back on.

Shell in a Box

New on the NERP homepage! You can now login via a SSL encrypted web page. This should work better over firewalled/proxied browsers. Check it out:

Thanks to Shell in a Box

System Upgraded

I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS today. In addition I added 1.5GB of RAM to the server in order to eliminate the OOM issues that have been making things slow.

System Slowness

I'm investigating a kernel issue with NERP right now that is causing the system to respond slowly. It is a known bug, but I have not found a good patch for the issue yet. I will be rebooting the system later tonight to test some workarounds.

System Upgraded

NERP has had another round of system slowness due to mysqld taking over the CPU and kernel resources. I took this downtime to do a system upgrade to the latest Ubuntu which includes updates to mysql and the kernel.

Check your spam folder

Due to a bug in spamassassin there is a possibility that some mail has been falsely marked as spam. I have fixed the problem but mail sent between new years and Jan 2 01:00 PST will have been affected.


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