Domain Registration Scams

An unfortunate friend of mine got scamed by, they mail out to people saying "your domain is expiring, you should pay us to renew it". Thankfuly I was able to block the reg transfer. Everyone who owns a domain should probably verify that their registrar settings are set to block transfers. I will be sending out emails to people who I know have unlocked domains.

Email Virus Filtering

I've added a simple email virus scanner to NERP to help remove some of the junk mail coming in.

New and Improved

The new server is up and running. is now running on a dual Opteron 246 with 2GB of RAM. I have upgraded the OS to Ubuntu 5.04 for the amd64 architecture. 64 bits of love!

I would also like to thank the folowing people for donations to I matched the money they donated to add another GB of memory to the box.

Bob P.    Chad W.    Matt P.

New PuTTY.

If you are using PuTTY to connect to, you should upgrade to the latest version ASAP. There is a security hole that could be exploited by not so nice server admins.

you can download putty from:, and verify the signatures from the putty home page:


I'd like to thank all the people that helped buy a new server. I recived a total of $1312.38 in donations. I matched that ammount plus some for a total cost of around $2700 for the new system.

Thanks goes to:

Dave F.         Ursula K.       Mark L.         Nathan H.
Fred D.         Dan W.          Darla E.        Troy D.
Joseph C.       Matt P.         Matthew N.      Kristian R.
Ray K.          Quinn M.        Kyle K.

Mail error solution

I have heard from several people who use imap for mail, and they get an error "Invalid Mask". I tracked this problem to the way some clients cache their imap data. Mozilla is prone to this, you must delete the connection profile, and re-create it. This will not affect the mail stored in your account.


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